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 Nocturnal GM application

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PostSubject: Nocturnal GM application   Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:43 pm

Name: Hans Gutierrez
Country: Philippines
Language: English/Filipino
Old In Game Name: CHRONICLES,KnightFall, (SiegeMu server)
New In Game Name: Nocturnal
Time I can spend in game and forums: No specific time, as long as i have no some stuffs to do. But i play maybe 5-6 hours a day

I was a GM in SiegeMu server. I made many kinds of events there that were originally new. not only Hide and Seek or QandA or Bring me,something like that, if i will be given the oppurtunity to become a Gm here in this server, I promise to do my best to become a good GM,not just good, but the BEST GM in this server.For example, one of my events is not just related in the game. I made events that somewhat related to math or science with clues.


I want to make our server big and expierience great thrills in events. I want to help those who are in need and answer all their questions as long as i know the answer and related to their problems. They can consult to me in forum or even in game on their personal problems. I guarantee that they will not mess their time with me. I like making new events.

I hope that our love Head Admin will accept my request to become a GM here in our server.

Nocturnal is saying "NEVER SAY NEVER"


Thank You and GodBless. MORE POWER

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Nocturnal GM application
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