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 Guardian Upgrading level 380(item)

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PostSubject: Guardian Upgrading level 380(item)   Thu May 26, 2011 9:38 pm

Guardian options (pink) can be added only to items with 380 level requirement. To upgrade your item put it in the chaos machine with 1 Jewel of Guardian and 1 Jewel of Harmony. All types of items have a different "pink" option
Pink Options
Item Type Option
Armor SD Auto Recovery
Defense Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
Pants Defensive Skill +200 (PvP)
Defense Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
Gloves Max HP increase +200
Defense Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
Boots Max SD increase +700
Defense Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
Helm SD Recovery Rate increase +20
Defense Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
Weapon Additional Damage +200 (PvP)
Attack Success Rate increase +10 (PvP)
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Guardian Upgrading level 380(item)
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