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 Phobia GM Application

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PostSubject: Phobia GM Application   Thu May 26, 2011 11:38 pm

Nickname/Character: Phobia/Subber
Name: Alica
Age: 21
Level of English Language: Fluent as fluent gets Smile

Experience in Mu: have been playing Mu in general since 2004. In 2004 I started playing in Global Mu for a year, then I went into the private servers, which are ShadowMu and DawnMu, I've been GM for 2 years, I'm a 7 years MU expierenced girl, I'm a GM Expert, I know how everything works, I know all the GM commands, the gm panel, files, everything in MU, I've been playing this mu for a long time, but wasn't on forum, cause it's not that active, I ofcourse donated alot of times, and won't stop voting.

Why do you want to join as a GM?: This mu needs a GM who's active, And I can be 8 hours minimum active per day, this MU needs a GM so bad, I can handle it, that is why I'm applying, I can be around most of the times, doing events, banning cheaters, I can help with anything, problems, bugs, favours.

What can you bring new to the server/community?: I can bring me, as a person who is equal to all other players. Although I will have privileges that other players do not have, that does not change me as a player in game. I want to respect and be respected in return. I hope to recruit more players to the xmu server and gain more friends and as a GM I can become someone who players can be friend and go to when there is a problem.

I love this server, I care about, willing to do anything to help, so a position like that, yea I can handle it, players need a GM around.

You can contact me on
skype: Alica.Ericson

Or you can contact me here, feel comfortable.
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Phobia GM Application
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