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PostSubject: GUIDE PRO SOCKET SYSTEM   Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:34 pm

Seed is basically like a jewel that can be created using an NPC called SEED MASTER.

There is a total of 6 Seeds and each has its distinct option.
Seed is use always with Sphere, without sphere, seed is useless.
This means, to use seed, it must be combined with Sphere.

Sets & Shields = Water, Wind, Earth
Weapons = Fire, Ice, Lightning

Fire (Seed)
Fire (Increase Damage/SkillPower (*lvl))
Fire (Increase Attack Speed)
Fire (Increase Maximum Damage/Skill Power)
Fire (Increase Minimum Damage/Skill Power)
Fire (Increase Damage/Skill Power)
Fire (Decrease AG Use)

Water (Seed)
Water (Increase Defense Success Rate)
Water (Increase Defense)
Water (Increase Defense Shield)
Water (Damage Reduction)
Water (Damage Reflections)

Ice (Seed)
Ice (Increases + Rate of Life After Hunting)
Ice (Increases + Rate of Mana After Hunting)
Ice (Increase Skill Attack Power)
Ice (Increase Attack Success Rate)
Ice (Item Duarability Reinforcement)

Wind (Seed)
Wind (Increase Life AutoRecovery)
Wind (Increase Maximum Life)
Wind (Increase Maximum Mana)
Wind (Increase Mana AutoRecovery)
Wind (Increase Maximum AG)
Wind (Increase AG Amount)

Lighting (Seed)
Lightning (Increase Excellent Damage)
Lightning (Increase Excellent Damage Success Rate)
Lightning (Increase Critical Damage)
Lightning (Increase Critical Damage Success Rate)

Earth (Seed)
Ground (Increase Stamina)

We can get SeedSet option in following ways:

In our gear we must put at least:

Set Option : Double chance of damage +3% increase

1 Fire Seed
1 Water Seed
1 Ice Seed
1 Wind Seed
1 Earth Seed

Set Option : Enemy defensive strength disregard attack +1%

1 Fire Seed
3 Water Seed
1 Ice Seed
3 Wind Seed
2 Earth Seed

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE PRO SOCKET SYSTEM   Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:45 am

a very helpful guide! thank so much!

and oh BTW can i ask?

If my items have seed into it, example lightning +30 damage, is there a chance I can replace it to other seed? something like, overwrite seed in 1 socket? is it possible??


TheXmU rocks!!
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