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PostSubject: INFORMATION PENDANTS AND RiNGS   Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:37 pm

The First Ring typer and Meanings:-

-Ring Of Ice

Protect against ice attack, the Ice Strom Skill Type of SM

-Ring Of Wind

Pros Bks Of Ring would be a Suitable...well protected against the attacks of the Wind is a nice ring to protect one of the skill Stab.

-Ring Of Earth

Protects against attacks from Earth.

-Ring Of Magic

Protect against attacks Elemental Magic does not, Type the Evil Spirit (SM/MG), Your principal is optional Larger mana With Variation 1-3 Points.

-Ring Of Fire

Protect Against Fire type Attacks, widely used against the SM's and MG's

-Ring of poision

adds status resistance to Poison

NOTE: The Rings are suitable for defense.
Additional optional all have that are Automatic retrieval of Life HP (Its Variation is 1-3%)

Pendants types and their meanings:-

-Pendant of Fire

It increases resistance against fire.

-Pendant Of Lightning

Protect Against Attack Ray.

-Pendant Of Ice

Protect like the Ring Protects ice attacks, let's say that with pendant of ice and second ring of ice.

-Pendant OF Ability

Let's say it's a special pendant, He raises his skills and protects against the effects of paralysis.

-Pendant Of Water

Protects against Water attacks. Aqua Bean Skill type of MS

-Pendant OF Wind

Protects against attack from the wind, you can imagine with the Wind Rings? Pendant and Wind, Stab matter much? A little help would be his pro Char.

NOTE: The pendants are item that assist in defense and attack. They are also items that have defensive properties

Options Exe of Ring:

-Increases your maximum life by 4%
-Increase your maximum mana by 4%
-Decreases Damage by 4%
-Reflect Damage 5%
-may Increase rate of defense by 10%
-Increase the purchase of 6 z\Zen of monsters by 40%

Option Exe Of pendant:

-Excellent Increase damage by 10%
-Increase the damage (magic)+level/20
-Increase the damage (magic)+2%
-Increase the speed of attack (magic)+7
-Increases the acquisition of life after killing monster+life/8
-Increases the acquisition of mana after killing monster + life/8
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