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 Jewels and its description guide

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PostSubject: Jewels and its description guide    Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:45 pm


These are the second most expensive, rare and useful items on MU. There are 5 different jewels, each one with its own use. According to the story, each of the jewels is a fragment of the sealing stone that held Kundun before it shattered.

Jewel of Chaos - It lets you combine using the Chaos Machine and is the most common. Combining Chaos with Bless and Soul upgrades your items to +10, +11, +12 and +13, however if fails, you will lose your item. These are used as a form of currency. (See Chaos Machine for more details)
Jewel of Bless - Allows you to upgrade your items up to +6. Its chance of being successful is 100%. This is also a form of currency in Mu. The Jewel of Bless is also used to heal fenrirs.
Jewel of Soul - Allows you to upgrade your items up to +9. It can also upgrade +0 items, but unlike Bless, this jewel will work only 50% of the time. If the item has luck, this chance increases to 75%. If it fails, however, the item's level may drop by 1 level or if the item is +7 or +8 it will be returned to +0. These are used as a form of currency as well.
Jewel of Life - This jewel increases an item's option by 1 level. It is the only way to make an item have a +16 (global) or +28 (private servers) option or a shield have a +20 (global) or +35 (private servers) option. It has a 50% chance of success, regardless of luck, and if it fails, your item will lose its option.
Jewel of Creation - Combining a Jewel of Creation with a Jewel of Chaos may create a fruit. This fruit, when eaten, will either boost or decrease one of your stats by 1-3 points. This used to be the rarest jewel in Mu until the Chaos Castle event started, where it's a common winning prize.
Jewel of Guardian - The Jewel of Guardian is used during the Castle Siege to create life stones and for the Lord's Mix.
Jewel of Harmony - The newest type of jewel that came with Season 2. It is used to strengthen items.

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Jewels and its description guide
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