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PostSubject: SOCKET GUIDES   Fri May 27, 2011 9:14 am

can i add another guides Smile


The socket system is basically very easy to use.

You have to go to the seed Master in Lorencia near upper bank to use the socket “machine”

There are 6 types of seeds

• Fire

• Water

• Earth

• Wind

• Lightning

• Ice

Each element has its own function and gives you a set bonus.

Create Seeds

In order to create a successful seed you need the following items :

• 1 Excellent item + 4 or higher

• 1 Ancient Item + 4 or higher

• 1 Jewel of Harmony

• 1 Jewel of Chaos

• 1 Jewel of Creation

Create SeedSpheres

This is for creating a seed. Now we want to create a Seedsphere.

We will take the Seed from our previous steps + adding an empty sphere in it and the previous jewels.

And here you go you get a SeedSphere

Mount SeedSphere

In order to mount the SeedSphere successful on your armor you have to get the following things:

• 1 Season 4 Armor or better

• 1 Jewel of Creation

• 1 jewel of Chaos

• 1 SeedSphere

Once you are done you will get an extra socket bonus.

Removing SeedSphere

Simply click the socket you wish to remove and done.
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