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PostSubject: [GUIDE]EXCELENT OPTION   Fri May 27, 2011 11:47 am

Excellent Items are a very special and rare item that can give an extra boost to your items and stats. An excellent item will keep swapping to different colors of the rainbow and the name of the item will appear in a greenish color. An excellent item can also increase in level. If you have a luck option on your Excellent item, your pretty lucky, and you will have a better chance of making your item+7 and above. Excellent weapons and armors have different bonuses. Pendants are classed with weapons, and rings are classed with armors.

Excellent options for Weapons

Excellent damage rate +10% - Increases your chance of striking a stronger hit for more damage.
Increase (wizardry) dmg +level/20 - Increases your damage with your current level divided by 20.
Increase (wizardry) dmg +2% - Increases your damage by 2%.
Increase attacking (wizardry) speed +7 - Increases your attack speed with 7 points.
Increase life after monster + life/8 - Heals you with your HP/8 points after each monster kill.
Increase mana after monster + mana/8 - Replenishes your mana with your MP/8 points after each kill.

Excellent options for Sets and Shields

Defense success rate +10% - Increases your defense rate by 10% making you harder to hit.
Reflect damage +5% - Reflects 5% damage back to your attacker.
Damage decrease +4% - Decreases the damage you take from enemy attacks by 4%.
Increase HP +4% - Increases your health points by 4% making you harder to kill.
Increase mana +4% - Increases your mana points by 4%.
Increase zen after hunt +40% - Increases the amount of zen dropped by monsters by 40%.
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